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Just published! "Margaret Rope : Painter in Light"

This 54-page book is an enlarged, improved and amended second edition of the previous "Margaret Rope of Shrewsbury"

incorporating many superior images, factual corrections, extended biography and notes on the Archive

"Margaret Rope : Painter in Light": ISBN 978-1-3999-8311-2

Highly illustrated: 45 pages of illustrations plus text and index. Large format paperback: 295 mm2

Available from the author: Arthur Rope, 25 Red Lion Street, Aylsham, Norwich NR11 6ER

Tel: 01263-733679; email: r4ope at yahoo.com - change the "at" to @
£15 per copy plus £3 p&p in UK (Reductions in p&p for multiple copies)

or order from your local bookshop

See below for how to get a preview


Altogether four publications are available (see below). Only one (above) is published in conventional printed form.

Alternatively, all publications are offered in pdf digital format. The printed book and the pdf files are the best value options.

All are also available as photobooks but these are expensive, therefore only recommended for people seeking coffee-table volumes.




"Margaret Rope : Painter in Light": available as a published book (details above)
or in a digital form (pdf file) or as a hardback photobook

"Margaret Rope of Leiston": available as a photobook or in a digital form (pdf file)

"The Two Margarets" (combining "Margaret Rope of Leiston" and "Margaret Rope of Shrewsbury" first edition):
available as a photobook (large or small format) or in a digital form (pdf file)

[Previews are available on-screen for all the books above: click on an image and then, in the BLURB website, select PREVIEW and enlarge.]

Three books are downloadable in pdf format from Blurb at £9 + VAT each (first two above) or £12 + VAT ("The Two Margarets")

All are also available in photobook form for those with really deep pockets (cheapest option - small format - see last item below)


"Margaret Rope : Painter in Light" 310 mm square, 54 pages improved & expanded edition of "Margaret Rope of Shrewsbury",
with biography (pdf or photobook)

"Margaret Rope of Leiston" 12" square, 70 pages (pdf or photobook)

"The Two Margarets" 12" square, 118 pages (pdf or photobook)

"The Two Margarets" small format, 7" square, 118 pages: (photobook only: hardback or paperback)


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